By Seth Berman, General Partner and Co-founder at Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is excited to announce our investment in Pulley, a company building the software layer to enable faster permitting for the construction industry. Susa Ventures led the round with participation from BoxGroup, Fifth Wall, Suffolk Construction, and South Park Commons. Along with the following angels: Tooey Courtemanche (Procore), Nat Friedman (Github), Ryan Petersen (Flexport), Jean-Denis Greze (Plaid), David Petersen (BuildZoom), Tido Carriero (Segment), and Hunter Walk. We’re thrilled to welcome Charlie, Andreas, and the Pulley team to the Susa Family.

Pulley Co-founders: Andreas Rotenberg and Charlie Jacobson

One of the most significant barriers for any developer, general contractor, or architect when starting commercial construction projects is getting the correct permits and approvals to start building. This can cost builders huge amounts of time and money waiting to get started because of small errors, poor planning, and congestion at the city building department. The commercial construction market in the United States alone is a $230B market, and the cost of slow permitting costs the industry more than $50B a year. Most commercial projects use an expeditor to help get their permits processed correctly and on time. Still, even the best expeditors can make mistakes during such a long, tedious and confusing process.

We became interested in Pulley because they are aiming to build the permission layer for the physical world. As a society, we need to ensure that new structures are safe, resilient, sustainable, and legal. However, permitting today can take months as it’s most commonly enforced at the city level. There are currently 19,000 different jurisdictions in the U.S., each with their own processes for permitting and their own ways of interpreting 10,000+ pages of building codes. Poorly documented, opaque requirements change without notice, and cities provide applicants a cobbled-together mess of legacy software and PDF forms to navigate the process.

Pulley solves permitting by building the first software platform purpose-built for permitting. The platform abstracts city-by-city complexity into a single set of easy-to-use workflows. Under the hood, Pulley has a programmatic understanding of each jurisdiction’s processes and requirements. And they’re developing local intelligence to help developers and architects submit fully complete, compliant permits on the first go. Lastly, they embed services to leverage the best permitting experts in each market.

Pulley was founded by a world-class team led by Charlie Jacobson, who studied CS at Princeton, was an engineer at eero and a product manager at Amazon, and Andreas Rotenberg, who has deep expertise in building software tools for the construction industry at AEW, Honest Buildings, and Procore. And they’ve already assembled an impressive early team from Amazon, Google, MainStreet, AngelList, and Procore.

We look forward to working with the team at Pulley as they work to solve the US housing crisis, one permit at a time.

If you’re interested in joining Pulley on their journey, check out their open roles here.

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