By Courtney Buie Lipkin, Partner at Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is excited to partner with Focal Point, an Atlanta-based enterprise procurement management platform. We co-led Focal Point’s $3M seed round with Amplo VC alongside participation from GoPoint Ventures, Bungalow Capital and Operator Partners. We are very happy to welcome Anders and his stellar team to the Susa Family.

Anders Lillevik, Founder & CEO of Focal Point

When we first met Anders his vision to build the connective tissue for procurement infrastructure immediately resonated with us. Anders deeply understands his customer, the Chief Procurement Officer, because he has spent the vast majority of his career in that very role. This insight drove him to build Focal Point as an infrastructure agnostic platform that allows teams to use best in class systems like Coupa and Ariba and optimize their considerable investments in these technologies rather than rip and replace. While legacy solutions pose many problems for CPOs such as mediocre data aggregation, inability to collaborate as a team, and lack of performance optimization, they function today as core infrastructure. Every CPO we spoke with appreciated Focal Point’s ability to instantly level up their teams with modern collaboration and analytics without having to launch a multi-year implementation cycle. If anyone is a discerning software buyer in the enterprise, it’s the procurement team.

Every so often the right founder meets the right moment in their industry. We believe Focal Point will be the ubiquitous choice for CPOs tasked with comprehensive digital transformation in their organizations. Procurement touches every single part of a business. When we can say that every Susa portfolio company will benefit from this product and this is the team to build it, that’s when we know we must invest.

Focal Point has made impressive progress in a very short period of time and we look forward to supporting Anders and his team as they modernize procurement.

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