By Hammad Aslam, Investor at Susa Ventures

We are super excited to co-lead WorkRamp’s $40MM Series C with Salesforce Ventures and Slack Ventures! WorkRamp, a California-based all-in-one learning platform for customers, partners, and employees, has been part of the Susa family since 2016 when we led the company’s seed financing. Ever since we met Ted and Arsh, we have been impressed by their dedication to building WorkRamp and their unparalleled focus on delivering strong customer outcomes.

WorkRamp Co-Founders: Ted Blosser & Arsh Mand

Susa served as a board observer following WorkRamp’s seed, assisting the company in shaping their original product and helping find the ideal customer profile. Differentiating from incumbents was essential to develop a strong foundation, and WorkRamp was incredibly successful in finding the winning approach.

Fast-forwarding to today and that initial focus on product and market is already paying off. WorkRamp is now a highly scalable platform, evidenced by the company tripling its revenue since the start of 2021. The growth has come through the company delivering industry-leading value to 300+ mid-market and enterprise customers, including Box, Workiva, Outreach, Hopin, GRIN, and Vanta.

The nature of work has evolved rapidly in the last decade. Gone are the days when employees were always in the office, working in their cubicles, and had limited digital tools at hand to drive their productivity. In the beginning, work environments saw gradual, incremental changes through digital transformation, talent acquisition, and remote work. More recently, however, COVID-19 has drastically shifted the timeline and the landscape, leaving us in a very different environment today than in early 2020.

Today’s environment requires agility, speed, and unification in a company’s tech stacks for maximum efficiency while focusing on employees, customers, and partners. WorkRamp, through the first-ever Learning Cloud, offers precisely that — catalyzing their customers’ growth through high employee and end customer retention. WorkRamp’s Learning Cloud focuses on satisfying every team’s unique business objectives, educating customers and partners, and creating a shared ecosystem for learning content, data, resources, and apps.

Internal Education

WorkRamp’s internal LMS focuses on decreasing ramp times through an onboarding bootcamp for sales reps, customer support, and other organizational functions. Ongoing, in-context skills training can drive higher win rates, drive better response quality and NPS and ensure clear compliance training. Customers can create resource academies, import curated content from the marketplace, and develop blended learning programs by merging instructor-led training with on-demand guides. WorkRamp’s centralization of the content and its delivery allows for rapid delivery at scale.

External Education

In the past, building a robust internal Learning Cloud would have been enough for enterprise customers. Today, external learning is as crucial to the equation as internal learning. Companies face challenges in improving onboarding experiences, ensuring high product knowledge, and maintaining high engagement, as their networks of customers and partners expand. WorkRamp is ready to take on this challenge for its customers. Customizable external learning features, scalable onboarding tools, high-quality reporting and analytics, and a broad range of integrations deliver a seamless learning experience for end customers and the partner ecosystem.

How Does WorkRamp Deliver Superior Value?

WorkRamp is the most easy-to-use, intuitive platform that scales very well for growing companies and brings together enterprise demand for a Learning ecosystem with the supply from training vendors, content providers, and apps;Today’s employees want to be engaged and prefer a learning culture in the workplace. WorkRamp delivers through best-in-class onboarding bootcamps, blended training processes, and robust content academies;Customers and partners benefit greatly from continuing training and education, which WorkRamp can offer through a customized external training product;Ongoing training is incomplete without accurate visibility into the ROI — WorkRamp’s platform delivers superior insights and quantification of metrics tailored to every team’s needs.

WorkRamp’s Opportunity

Today’s learning experience is fragmented — incumbents have not satisfied customer expectations by not delivering a vertically integrated product experience. That creates a massive opportunity for WorkRamp to grow in the $190Bn eLearning market. WorkRamp will become the superior platform through its user experience, unified approach, and high customer value while benefiting from double-digit growth tailwinds in the LMS industry. Ted and Arsh have already set the stage by building a team of highly motivated employees and developed a company culture driven by the desire to be the best partner for their customers.

WorkRamp is in the driver’s seat to scale into becoming an industry leader in a few years and we are excited to deepen our partnership with WorkRamp on this journey. Onwards!

If you’re interested in a career at WorkRamp, they’re hiring!

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